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Sex, BDSM and Relationship Coaching

I offer coaching sessions to help you to enjoy a more fulfilling intimate and sexual life, and to enjoy deeper connections with your partner or anyone who is worthy of your submission or dominance.These sessions involve hypnosis, conditioning and other techniques used to create only positive change.Topics can include anything related to your problem, but can commonly touch upon:Identifying and resolving any internal conflict to enjoying sex, submission or dominance without guilt or shame.Helping to gain a deeper understanding of your roles and how to communicate your needs and boundaries effectively.The creation and installation of empowering belief systems around sex, dominance, submission or relationships.The resolution of past trauma, sexual trauma or otherwise. No topic is off limits.Teaching specific behaviours and creating new fetishes and positive addictions (to exercise, to sex or to connecting deeply)Designing and creating the ideal relationship to create space for you and your partner to enjoy any activity with mutual joy.Teaching skills for effective dating and finding, attracting and connecting with a high quality partner long term.Common QuestionsDo you offer discounts?
Yes, I do. If you are in need of coaching or advice, contact me and we can make a customised arrangement that takes into account your financial situation. You will not be denied help.
How do I know this is real and it works?
If you scroll down a little, you'll see a few of the average reviews for my services.
What do you charge?
Around $160 Euros / USD per session. Each session is paid upfront to secure your appointment.
Are these sessions in person or online?
All sessions are conducted as audio calls, over Signal (Secure and Anonymous)
How do I pay you?
As I work with clients in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Canada, Australia, Greece, Spain, Sweden and several other countries, I maintain bank accounts around the world. A simple domestic bank transfer means you can pay me in your preferred currency with no exchange fees.
How long are the sessions?
90 minutes in length, and we will use all of it. You will be assigned prework so that the session can focus on actual changes.
Do I have to be an English Native Speaker?
No, as long as you can understand very basic (A1 - A2) english that is more than sufficient for the same results as a native speaker ❤️
Is there any topic or session I should not ask you to engage in?
Please do not ask me hypnotise your partner without their direct, explicit and informed consent.

Contacting Me using Signal (Preferred)

If you're thinking about messaging me, you probably should ❤️The best way to contact me is through Signal (https://signal.org/) as it is anonymous, encrypted and free.Texting will receive a reply within one day. Emails will receive a reply within a week.Click this link - @speakwithdaniel.52

Contacting Me using Email

Alternatively you can can email me at [email protected]Or use the Contact Form below:

Review - How Incredibly Satisfying it is to Have Made a Connection With You ❤️

Daniel, my apologies, I’ve been traveling out here in the great Southwest over the past few days.Yes, I am extremely happy with the results so far, based on the changes I’ve been observing in my thoughts and responses, or when I notice that something doesn’t bother me now that would have earlier.Because I have been so wrapped up in my work, and haven’t had a chance to test everything out, obviously, I realize there will be much more to come “around the corner”.I hope I can convey my sentiments adequately so that you will understand just how incredibly satisfying it is to have made a connection with you - a person so deeply knowledgeable and well-intentioned who I feel completely comfortable with and trust to consult for advice to guide this important part of my life. I feel that your work is just as important to the human body as a physician’s - as your work is centred not just on having a healthy body but for it to be able to used to its fullest potential to provide pleasure, allowing one to revel in enjoying the passage of time.And your guidance for pursuing pleasure with the absence of guilt or shame as most highly needed, oh, I don’t know, for world, peace, and happiness, and all that stuff, as important as any advice that could be provided by a priest or rabbi in just learning to be completely happy.Playing in the background of my mind is the Beatles’, “all you need is love”. I think that pretty well sums everything up.I think it’s fantastic you have made so many resources available to support your sessions.Now with a little more time this week between sessions than we normally have, I’m looking forward to reading through more of it, as well as the book and other material.I am pleased I have found this amazing opportunity to allow you to “hold my hand along the way” and to have the benefit of your encouragement while I explore this new chapter. I applaud the day that you made the decision to turn toward devoting your life to provide education to others to enlighten them on the ways they can get so much more out of being alive.To have discovered you out there in the great wilderness is an awesome and joyous thing, indeed.-P

Review - You Have to Do This, You Deserve It ❤️

I could not recommend him more highly. You deserve this!Getting in touch with Daniel after listening to a number of his podcasts is one of the best decisions I have ever made. A woman in her 60s, I spoke to Daniel about two issues which had been disturbing me for well over a decade. I had done my own personal research and worked for a time with two psychologists about my concerns with only limited success. I knew well enough that there was emotional neglect in my childhood that had led to codependent behaviours, and that these had been affecting my Ds relationships, but it didn't ease feelings of inadequate self-worth and how to effectively create boundaries. Aware of Internal Family Systems, there was a part of me not fully integrated. Daniel was patient with me, caring and he was completely without judgment. Under hypnosis I was instantly comfortable and after even one session, the results were outstanding. I walked much lighter immediately. In only two sessions we accomplished what would have taken months of work in any other way. There was a recognizable and permanent shift in my sense of wellbeing which then allowed us to look at my marriage.*Daniel is not only an extremely skilled therapist but also a highly knowledgeable person in all areas related to kink. As a sexually submissive woman, I asked for Daniel's help to transform what had become an unsatisfying marriage back into one where my submissive sexual orientation could be expressed. Daniel has an innate understanding of the foundational work that may need to take place before a relationship problem can be resolved. He was excellent at also working with my Husband to create a dynamic that we were both excited about going forward. He's an extremely enthusiastic and committed hypnotist who held us with proficient care when we were at our most vulnerable, creating lasting and wonderful changes in our lives.UPDATE: P.S. What an oversight! I can't leave without saying what a BLAST it was to know that I was capable of coming on demand. I/We had that after that final, very excellent trance. It was mind blowing, one of life's highs. There's a greedy part to me, I know this. I know what great sex is, and I want it.So, an enormous thank you.- R

Review - Helping Me To Explore My Submissiveness ❤️

Sometimes you meet people at the right time who can help you in your own development, in the most unlikely situations. If I hadn't been looking for an interesting podcast on my cell phone out of boredom last September, I would never have come into contact with Daniel.I had been interested in hypnosis and BDSM for a long time. Both had become increasingly fascinating to me over time. Daniel's podcast was just right for me. At the same time, I really liked his voice. There are only a few men on the internet who speak high quality BDSM hypnosis. And unfortunately I prefer male voices to female voices (sorry sisters).So one day, I did something I had never done before: I got in touch!
Daniel asked me if I would be interested in a free, no-obligation phone call. After a few technical difficulties and misunderstandings (English is not my native language), it happened.
Due to experiences in my family of origin, I had a "pain box" (as I called it) in which I had packed all the negative feelings I couldn't deal with in my childhood. In all my adult years, I never had the courage to open this box. With Daniel's help, I managed to open and empty it under hypnosis in only one session. And as Daniel promised me, to this day it has not closed again or filled up with new pain. On the contrary: bright light now shines from this box. This means everything to me.In another important session, I was able to move the "huge walls" that I felt surrounded by into the distance, so that they can now only be seen as a distant mountain range. Since no one's soul (inner life) should be without protection, Daniel helped me to erect a "fence" around me and my "front garden". At the beginning, this fence had no door. I just couldn't manage to "set one up". With his help, I managed to leave this garden through a door, which was another hugely important step for me. It meant that I could finally let in the right person, rather than pushing everyone away.Moving the "huge walls" and creating a door in my garden fence, as well as opening the door and walking through it, had a liberating effect on me!I had previous therapy experience and can confirm that Daniel knows what he is doing professionally and also has high therapeutic ethics.Daniel never pushed me in any particular direction. It didn't always go as smoothly as it might sound now, but he was always respectfully patient, confident and my trust in him grew noticeably on this journey. Even the time difference - we live on different continents - or my lack of English was never a problem.In the meantime, I was able to get involved in a BDSM session with a real person. I only told Daniel about it later. He is currently helping me to better understand my "submissiveness", to communicate my boundaries and desires, and only with dominant men who are worthy of my trust!I don't know how I will develop further, but for a long time I had the feeling that I was stuck in my life. And I'm grateful to him that this has now changed. The light on my inner horizon has become brighter at a time when it seems to be getting darker in the real world.-M


NOTE: A note that older content may not reflect my current views. Opinions are opinions and they change with new evidence ❤️ALL RESOURCESThe Podcast
The Interview - ❤️
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FREE WORKSHOPSWorkshop - Train Your Partner Using Behavioural Modification and Erotic Hypnosis
Workshop - Maximum Effect Scene Construction and Execution
Workshop - Ds Relationship Design Part 1
Workshop - Ds Relationship Design Part 2
Workshop - Basics of Brainwashing
EXCELLENT PODCAST EPISODESDirty Talking and Massive Orgasms - Sex
Female Orgasm – The 12 Types - Sex
Hour Long Orgasms or "Orgasms are a State of Mind" - Sex
The Two Requirements for Orgasmic Response - Sex
Identity vs Behaviour - Submissive Training
Third Person Speech Control and usage of Disassociation - Submissive Training
Anal Sex Training Improved- Submissive Training
How to Fix a Lowered Sense of Deservedness - Part 1 - Mental Health
Validation vs The Act - Very important for Men
Asexuality - Understanding the Formation and Presenting Solutions - Mental Health
A Super Simple Tool for Assessing the Health of Your Relationship - RelationshipPoly – Effective Techniques for Dealing with Jealousy - Polyamory

Resources in Detail

THE PODCASTPrimary Link - The Podcast
80+ long-form discussions on conditioning, clicker training, relationship design, behaviour modification, mental health, brainwashing, poly, erotic hypnosis and more.
THE INTERVIEWPrimary Link - The Interview
I gave an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia's National Broadcaster. It covers an outline of my work and provides an introduction to me and the passion I have for this topic. It's a lot of fun ❤️
THE RESOURCES FOLDERPrimary Download Link - The Resources Folder
Secondary (Torrent Link)(Experimental) - Monthly Snapshot. Use Transmission + this magnet link (Updated May 2024) to download.
With reluctance there is a Google Drive Link just in case the above two do not work - Backup Google Drive Link
The Resources Folder contains:🥰 Multiple Free Workshops and Classes
🥰 All the Podcast Episode Notes
🥰 Every Podcast Episode
🥰 Dozens of Brainwashing Sessions
🥰 Dozens of Non-sexual Bedtime Stories
🥰 The (Prototype) Script Library
🥰 Multiple Reading Lists and Guides
🥰 Shorter Lessons on interesting topics
NOTE: It is over 1 GB and you will need to use your computer, not your phone, to download this.THE MAILING LISTPrimary Link - The Mailing List
Join the no-spam list to receive an email when I am teaching a class or releasing new content.

NON SEXUAL BEDTIME STORIESMy Voice is there to give a little softness after a long day, a little kindness, some safety and comfort from the outside world. Just imagine yourself curled up safe into my side or at my feet, loved and warm, close your eyes and let my voice make everything better. Contains no hypnotic suggestions only the sound of my voice.Non-sexual Bedtime Stories - You'll find all of my non-sexual bedtime stories by clicking HERE

NSFW HYPNOTIC AUDIOSBack by popular request, below you will find several NSFW Hypnotic Audios. These audio files contain sexual content. They are intense, but generally extremely wholesome and uplifting, thats part of my style. Full scripts and all content descriptions and raw audio files are located in the Resources Folder.You can also find guides on how to listen in the Resources Folder as well.NOTE: I am in the process of going back through these and removing some content, but several people have asked for them to be restored so they are up for the moment until I get to that.Very Sexual Erotic Sessions - You'll find all of my erotic hypnosis sessions by clicking HERE


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Upcoming Classes

As of the 12th of May 2024, I am planning on holding regular weekly / biweekly classes.For further details and updates join the Mailing List on the Resources Page ❤️At the moment the most effective approach for what I want is several consecutive weeks of workshops that carry over, taking you from absolute beginner through to accomplished intermediate in the following areas. You will be assigned pre-reading and material exercises, and we will use most of the workshop time to troubleshoot and practice. All of this is experimental and subject to possible improvement.* The Practice of Erotic Behavioural Design
* The Design and Construction of Healthy DS Relationships
* Becoming an Effective and Happy Dominant
* Becoming a Useful and Happy Submissive
* HyperResponsive Subject Development
* Invasive Mind Control Techniques for Use with a Consenting Partner
* Content Creation and Distribution and Why You Should
* Other Topics may be added ... email suggestions to me.
(Basically each topic will be a four + week series, on each of these topics individually, in-depth)My Voice from each class (not yours) will be recorded and each class published in the Resources Folder and Torrent to be accessible to everyone, along with all handouts, class materials and content required to replicate.WHY?I'm sick to bloody death of the gatekeeping, paywalling, and the low consistant replicability of results in the practice of HK. I am tired of the open hate towards new people and how they are actively turned away by elitism and snobbish classlessness. I am bothered by the prejudices against people who don't live in America or for financial reasons cannot fly three quarters of the way around the world to attend the handful of live events each year where content is hoarded. I am irked by the inaccessibility of content for people with disabilities and by a dozen other things besides.I'm exhausted by the infantile cults of personality around (and encouraged by) some content creators, the endless repetition of unsubstatiated dogma, the low quality of discourse, the endless asking of the same handful of questions that haven't been answered by anyone else conclusively so they repeat ad infinitum, impeding the development of content for Intermediate and Advanced Topics and discussion amongst experienced practitioners.This issue deperately needs a Wiki, crowdsourcing of content, an open-source approach with peer review and several other areas I have commented on multiple times. I have presented clear solutions to these issues in several Podcast episodes, but I personally lack the appropriate networking connections to key individuals (there are about 15-20 people who in the world, run everything important in HK, with a central group of around 5 people) to pull it all together.So this series is me solving this problem myself and building a foundation upon which others will eventually create and improve.This series is designed to share what I know, inspire you with what I have done (my god is this "community" in need of a good bit of inspiring) and show you how you can do it too, and create gold standard resources that can be built upon and further improved.The community for this will meet either on Discord or Telegram (haven't chosen yet).The first run of these classes will be free.Please email me if you'd like to demo, can offer support in marketing or graphic design, or have ideas for additional topics or questions.My contact information can be found on the Contact Page.


If you're thinking about messaging me, you probably should ❤️I welcome conversation with like-minded people and have friends around the world.The best way to contact me is through Signal (https://signal.org/) as its anonymous, encrypted, works anywhere in the world, and free.Audio Message me if you're confident.
Text me if you're shy.
Click this link - @speakwithdaniel.52Or you can email me at [email protected]


Date Me?
I am currently seeking a partner.
Send an email to [email protected] with "DATE ME" in the subject line.
Bang Me?
Send an email to [email protected] with "BANG ME" in the subject line.
Research Projects

Thank You

Your message has been sent, you will normally recieve a reply within two days.

Seeking and Research

Seeking a Partner

The majority of questions I receive cover two major topics "How to Do This" and "How do I find a Partner".Because Barry Marshall is a personal hero of mine, I've decided to experiment on myself. I'm writing essentially a dating profile, in a new format and assessing the results.Most people write a greedy list of what they want at the front and then don't bother writing about what they can contribute. My solution is the opposite, to be clear about what I can offer at the front.The Basics: I'm between 32 and 35 years old, 183 cm tall, White with Irish and English Ancestry, and an Australian Citizen. I am Athletic, and lift on average five times a week, and enjoy it.What I can offer you: I mean, quite a lot. For the details please see the Podcast or the Resources page for an overview. Kink-wise I'm both extraordinarily talented having taught classes on everything from rope to impact to erotic hypnosis and long-term conditioning, but I'm also extremely flexible and don't require that you be "into" any particular thing. For me it's less about what I do with a particular person and more that I'm doing it with the right person.I'm also a not-insane proponent of FIRE (though I never intend to retire) and a Tiny Homes Enthusiast, though of course I'll build a bigger house for my Family, and I have the construction skills to do so.Financially, I own multiple international businesses and can work from anywhere. I can provide a comfortable life and you wouldn't need to work full time. I would prefer to split child raising 50-50 and if you like, you can work a job you choose for fulfilment and passion rather than a pure paycheck.I don't drink unless it's a special occasion, and even then sparingly. I have never taken drugs or cigarettes, though I have no problem with you doing (reasonable amounts) of marijuana or LSD.I drink tea, coffee and in the evenings mulled wine. I read prodigiously, and I enjoy long conversations late in the evening and spending Sunday mornings together making breakfast and sitting outside in the garden for a few hours while we talk about anything and everything.### FAQWhat does your Voice sound like? There are a few dozen Audios on the Resources Page that will tell you that.Are you ugly? No, but I don't have the face of a male model either. I'm aware of what I have and I take care of it with pride.Sounds great, but aren't you basically famous - why are you looking for a partner? Short answer, I have a lot of adventures and I want someone to have those adventures with. The longer answer is that I'm currently living in a location with a small population of single people, and most of them have been dating the same person since they were in high school (farming community).Isn't asking like this humiliating?" No, I have plenty of love in my life, and a broad network of friends worldwide. My life is full, I'm simply looking for the right person to share all the abundance with.### An Ideal ResponseA few months ago, I received the message below on Telegram. I was freecamping for two weeks in the Scottish Highlands (near Loch Lomond) and I didn't have my phone on me. By the time I returned, the person had deleted their account.It's included below as the best example of a submissive approaching a dominant I've ever encountered, for myself or anywhere. If you are the person who sent this, you should probably get in touch via email.MESSAGE BEGINSHello 🌞Are you currently looking for a submissive?I had to add a question because you said to only email you fan mail, and I am sorry for disobeying you- but this is kind of fan mail…I am usually good at following instruction. However, I read that you reply with a voice message. I find your voice mesmerising, so I decided to message you here instead.It is intoxicating to find someone who has made peace with themselves and their desires & decided to make their dreams their reality.I am only 3/4 of the way through your podcast on the basics of submissive training. I am very impressed. You are the perfect amount of serious, sexy, hilarious and assertive. I may not agree with every single thing you say, but I adore the way your mind works; the subtle hints of ASMR you use; the sound of your voice; the way that you have an Australian accent when you pronounce the O’s and and American accent when you pronounce your A’s; every little specific way you choose to present yourself in your podcast.I’m very new to D & S relationships. I haven’t quite found my Dom, as I am very specific and have a strong idea on exactly what I want. I have noticed that if I specifically outline what I want in a dom, some doms can feel annoyed/intimidated and don’t think I’m enough of a sub. However, if I was to find the right Dom, I would be 100% willing and able to surrender into their hands entirely.Listening to your podcast has made me realise that I would be ideal for you.I’m sure you get this all the time and I will be okay with rejection, but I just thought I’d put it out there:I would love to get to know you and see if we could bring pleasure into each other’s lives.Let me know what you think❤️
Warm Regards,
MESSAGE ENDS### What you should have:You must be over the age of 18 and willing to prove that (in an anonymous way is fine).You should like or love yourself, and your life. You must have a consistently positive outlook on life, not perfect, but a generally optimistic view of the future.Speak reasonable English, bonus points if you also speak German, or another Romance language.
Bonus points if you have any kind of accent. You should understand and be able to speak English to about 70% of a native speakers level, perfect fluency is not important.
You should be capable of bearing children, and want children of your own ideally beginning in about three years.Bonus points for minimal to no tattoos.You must be willing to legally change your last name to mine, though I am quite happy for you to use your maiden name in a professional and social context.Ideally be seeking a healthy, happy and experienced sexual Dominant and enjoy letting some you trust completely make the major decisions in your life. This is negotiable, however.How to RespondSend an email to [email protected] with "Dating" in the Subject line, and clearly and without shame or guilt describe what you would bring to the relationship that is of real value.