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Podcast Episodes, a Resources Folder, Templates, Classes and Advice to create amazing, intense relationships involving Mental Dominantion and deep intimacy.

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The Podcast, over 50 episodes on Erotic Hypnosis, Relationship Design and Brainwashing.

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❤️ I’ve taught Internationally, and have been interviewed by Australia’s National Radio Broadcaster, the ABC. If you aren’t familier with my work, you should start by listening to this ❤️

About the Creator

I remember listening to a Podcast Episode and thinking "I finally UNDERSTAND how to do this". Thank you for outlining everything so clearly, my partner and I are very happy with the changes we've both made and look forward to new episodes.
A Dominant
He is breathtakingly intense in what he does, his skill and care are obvious from the moment we first met. He is ruthlessly and brutally intense in every way that makes me gush and soaking wet but he is also kind, compassionate and patient.
A Listener
You don’t “change” people. Change is reversible. You transform them in a way that can never be undone, and that’s utterly beautiful and joyful. It’s never casual, it can’t be. It’s wonderful, and freeing, and exhilarating all at once.
A Subject


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