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I offer thirty minute private Zoom sessions for Dominants, Submissives, Erotic Hypnotists or anyone with a question.

No sexual / kinky play.

Ongoing coaching available. Let’s customize a schedule / pricing plan for you after your first call.

You can schedule a time by clicking HERE.

Some ideas:

  • A private chance to AMA as a submissive trainer, dominant, hypnotist, writer, educator or related.
  • Get personalized advice on building an amazing relationship.
  • Plan relevant projects out loud and have a place for accountability.
  • Get personalized guidance on building protocols, uniforms, slave positions, and other similar systems.
  • Skills practice/get constructive feedback in a low pressure environment.
  • Plan further education, including resource recommendations and help finding ones that work for your life and learning style.
  • Things along those lines that are useful for you.

Contacting Me

Threema ID: – Preferred

Email Address:

[email protected]

No sexual / kinky play.


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