Feedback from Workshops I have taught:

“For someone who often prides himself on his words, I am honestly at a loss right now on where to begin.

Firstly, thank-you so much for the time and care you afforded both X and myself. We both came out of the night feeling incredible. My confidence (a sore lacking point for me) has been through the roof, and X had one of her most painless nights in a long time. In such a short amount of time, I felt comfortable with new faces, and with a relatively new situation.

Secondly, and this is probably more the crux focal point of this message, I just want you to know that I am very eager to learn. I came into this to better learn how to be a sub and how to be a good reciprocal point for hypnosis, but left describing myself as an aspirant hypno-switch. I came out of the night with an eagerness to learn, both the more complex subtleties of going under, but to also how to instill a stable hypnotic state, and to help other people achieve what I feel when I go under. Long story short, should you be so willing, I would be keen and eager to learn as much as I can from you.

Thirdly, I wish to thank your girls for the same level of care they showed myself and X. A did an amazing job with me, and proved as a great resource to bounce ideas and theory off. She really understands the sub mindset, and I found myself learning a lot from her and her example. As for B, I instantly liked her, and really resonated with her. We joke about the hive-mind(less), but in talking with her, I came to realise just how much we do share in common, and she was amazing at helping me relax and feel comfortable enough to try things. C was also amazing, and helped me relax in a social setting when I first got there. I unfortunately didn’t get to practise anything with her, but I know i would have been just as comfortable.

Furthermore, it would be my honour, and my pleasure to attend future meet-ups, to learn and evolve with the community, and to work together with you, though meeting for dinners, etc.

Yours in curiosity, Y”

Feedback from People I have played with:

He’s insatiable, I’ve never felt so safe before.” – LSP

Bliss beyond words” – JL

Irresistible.” – SHM

“Intelligent. Confident. Strong” – A

“He does things to my mind and my heart that I can’t even describe” – i

“Art. Friendship. Sex. What more could a girl want?” – HPG

“Considerate. Sincere. Sympathetic. Understanding. Trustworthy. Fun” – F

“Dedicated. Alpha. Sexy” – ASSFM

He is breathtakingly intense in what he does, his skill and care are obvious from the moment we first met. As soon as I looked into His eyes I knew that he could have me any way he wanted, and I offerred myself to him freely. He is kind, compassionate, patient, and ruthlessly and brutally intense in every way that makes me gush and soaking wet. I was drawn to Him like gravity, and I’m so glad he met me. It’s been six months now and he still makes time to talk to me even though we’re miles apart. He’s always encouraged me to be my best, and I feel his love and support with me always, like a warm voice in my mind making things better. – M

Most people think of me as someone with an exceptionally strong will, impossibly high standards and crushing mental strength. You can see beyond that, but sometimes you’ll notice that that side of me is still there, and at some point, it’ll overflow and that’s when we’ll really get to see how brutal and intense we can be. Fire in our eyes, shedding our gloves, dropping the last layer of pretense we didn’t even realize was still there. We’ll both doubt our sanity here and there, but something that feels so, so right can hardly be wrong.

You don’t “change” people. Change is reversible. You transform them in a way that can never be undone, and that’s both utterly beautiful and terrifying. It’s never casual, it can’t be. What you do rips off bandaids covering decades-old wounds, and forces a kind of healing that was considered impossible. It’s painful, and freeing, and exhilarating all at once. It sets the reset button; uncovers the source code to someone’s soul. It’s merciless and yet so kind; the harshest form of judgement and yet entirely free of it.” – H.G

“That man owns me whether it is ever official or not. He owns me. I’ve never felt this way before. Sometimes it is overwhelming but also it feels completely natural, normal and comforting.” – S

“His mind is truly a marvel. Instead of an angel on my shoulder, I have a sexy demon that whispers in my ear. My weakness has always been intelligent men. Combined with his attractiveness and a voice that matches the seductiveness of a siren and I am quite frankly doomed. At least, I will enjoy every step on the path to my downfall.

I wonder if this is how Eve felt when the Serpent was speaking to her. If so, I get it now. I understand. I really understand. I’m sure anyone who hasn’t heard him would think I’m exaggerating but they would be oh, so wrong.

There is a safety in trusting in the strength of a dominant man. Because he is strong, I can be weak.” – K