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Coaching and tools to build intense, meaningful and fufilling relationships through cutting-edge brainwashing and deep consent.

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You might have questions, or you'd like to swap ideas, or simply to tell me how my work has affected your life. Or you might want to be friends, or see if we'd make good partners. If you're thinking about getting in contact, you definitely should!I welcome all spontanous conversations and curious questions 🙂(I'm really very easy to talk to)HOW TO CONTACT MEJust send me an email. Be as clear and descriptive about what you want as possible.
Please make your message as direct as possible. Thank you!
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Relationship and Sex Coaching

Would you like to explore your sexuality, resolve past issues and flourish into yourself, happy and sexually confident and free of guilt, shame, or self doubt? Thats what I do.Would you like to learn how to enjoy some of the 12 different kinds of orgasms or Hour Long Orgasms, or the other topics I discuss in the podcast? If you have some trauma, thats no barrier to having a happy, fufilling sexual life. We can resolve that, move you past it and open up entire worlds for you. If you are a woman, your body and mind are capable of incredible, beautiful things. It's never too late to learn them.Do you have a personal problem you need help with?Are you dealing with some inner conflict around sexual roles and want to be able to act with certainty and without doubt, and be happier. As a Dominant? As a Submissive? As something else entirely?Would you like to craft a relationship with your partner that is deep, intense, meaningful and intimate beyond words?Thats what I do.❤️Want to learn how to hypnotise your partner? Would you like some fun, exciting hypno triggers installed in yourself or your partner, and then attached to your partner so you can both sink into amazing, connective sex - free from guilt, worry or shame?I specialise in the installation of Identities - creating and verifying new and empowering belief systems, behaviours and skillsets. Powerful, effective change. Would you like to become a happy, powerful Dominant who is easily comfortable with control and authority? Someone who can ask for what they want, and get it from an eager and happy partner? We can create that for you. Would you like to explore the deepest depths of your submission, in a safe and grounded way? Thats possible too. Want to move past trauma and open yourself up to happiness, sexual joy and new connections with wonderful people? Thats basically my everyday session type ❤️I have worked with several hundred people from every spectrum of kink, vanilla, poly, or the gender spectrum. 70+ podcast episodes published, dozens of classes taught, guides and articles. If you or your relationship have a problem, I've probably helped several people with it before, and I can help you too.Basically it's all about maximal intensity, living a fufilling and meaningful life, and deepening amazing connections with someone who is worthy of you.I hold current registrations in counselling, clinical hypnosis and a half-dozen other fields and have several years of practical experience designing intense, meaningful and connective vanilla and kink relationships. I live what I teach.How does it work? - The format is usually a series of sessions over the phone, spaced over several weeks for you, your partner or both, as needed. No problem is too big or too small.What do I do now? - Click the button below and fill in your email and select an available time for a brief conversation. We will talk about your issues over Signal or Whatsapp, and I'll tell you if I can help. It's all simple, confidential and much easier than it sounds.If that seems a little complex, you can email me and I'll guide you through it step by step.

A Simple Testimonial

"Getting in touch with Daniel after listening to a number of his podcasts is one of the best decisions I have ever made. A woman in her 60s, I spoke to Daniel about two issues which had been disturbing me for well over a decade. I had done my own personal research and worked for a time with two psychologists about my concerns with only limited success. I knew well enough that there was emotional neglect in my childhood that had led to codependent behaviours, and that these had been affecting my Ds relationships, but it didn't ease feelings of inadequate self-worth and how to effectively create boundaries. Aware of Internal Family Systems, there was a part of me not fully integrated. Daniel was patient with me, caring and completely without judgment. Under hypnosis I was instantly comfortable and even after one session, the results were outstanding. I walked much lighter immediately. In only two sessions we accomplished what would have taken months of work in any other way. There was a recognizable and permanent shift in my sense of wellbeing which then allowed us to look at my marriage.Daniel is not only a skilled therapist but also a highly knowledgeable person in all areas related to kink. As a sexually submissive woman, I asked for Daniel's help to transform what had become an unsatisfying marriage back into one where my submissive sexual orientation could be expressed. Daniel has an innate understanding of the foundational work that may need to take place before a relationship problem can be resolved. He was excellent at also working with my Husband to create a dynamic that we were both excited about going forward. He's an extremely enthusiastic and committed hypnotherapist who held us with proficient care when we were at our most vulnerable, creating lasting and wonderful changes in our lives.I could not recommend him more highly. You deserve this! - R

Learning & Podcast

First, begin with this Interview I did for the ABC, Australia's National Broadcaster. It covers an outline of my work and provides an introduction to me and the passion I have for this topic. It's a lot of fun :-)I teach regular Classes, deep-dives on specific topics with comprehensive notes, templates and printables. Join the Mailing List to be notified of new releases.You can find all my recorded Classes with full handouts and templates, as well as transcripts and bonus material, for sale on the Store.Then you can start to explore the Podcast, 70+ long-form discussions on conditioning, relationship design, behaviour modification, mental health, brainwashing, poly, erotic hypnosis and more.Then take a look at the Resources Folder for a dozen longer guides on common topics, several recommended reading lists, the hypnosis script library, templates and podcast episode notes.We also have an (Experimental) Discord Server, where I develop radical new material and you can chat and ask questions.All material can be downloaded for free from the Resources FolderIf you have any questions, please simply email me using the Contact Page - I'm very approachable and I really enjoy recieving your questions.A note that older content may not reflect my current views.

Support Me

I am an Independant Australian Content Creator, and even the smallest amount of your support means the world to me.You can puchase my Classes at this online storeYou can make a donation to my favourite charity, Lifeline. Send me your reciept and I will reply with a personal thank you.The next best thing you can do is send this website to one other person who you think would find my work on the intersection of the mind, kink and conditioning to be interesting or useful.The address is thewordsmithspeaks.com ❤️I may set up a Patreon if you would like to help with running costs or request specific episodes on particular topics. Several people have also asked for a Paypal link for one-off donations. The idea of an Amazon Wishlist for Tributes was also suggested a few times. I'll update this section once those systems are in place.

NSFW Hypnotic Audios

Back by popular request, below you will find several NSFW Hypnotic Audios. These audio files contain sexual content. They are intense, but generally extremely wholesome and uplifting, thats part of my style. Full scripts and all content descriptions and raw audio files are located in the Resources Folder.You can also find guides on how to listen in the Resources Folder as well.

Non-Sexual Bedtime Stories

You can sometimes feel lonely right before bed, I understand that. My voice is there to give a little softness after a long day, a little kindness, some safety and comfort from the outside world. This session is a fun, always-has-a-happy-ending fairytale for you to listen to right before bed. Just imagine yourself curled up safe, loved and warm beside me, close your eyes and let my voice make everything better. Contains no hypnotic suggestion besides the sound of my voice.

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