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Using Mental Domination to create amazing sexual relationships.

Why Learn to Do This??

Hello, I'm Daniel ❤️ I create educational content on the topic of erotic hypnosis, mental domination techniques, conditioning and brainwashing to create amazing relationships and mind-blowingly intense sexual experiences.This is the most intense and connective sex it is possible to have.Many people use erotic hypnosis to connect incredibly deeply with their partner, to create breathtaking intimacy during sex and to fulfil fantasies that would be impossible or impractical in real life.I create educational content to help people learn how to do and enjoy these experiences with their partner.Additionally, I offer coaching services that focus on building intense and fulfilling relationships that encompass various elements of D/s, polyamory, kink, and erotic hypnosis. If you are interested in those, use the About Me page to send me a message.Love,
Daniel ❤️

Step 00 - Super Short Summary

Listen to the interview.Buy and practice with the HLSS Cards and use the videos (not mine).Listen to these three Podcast Episodes:Female Orgasm – The 12 TypesHow to Train your SubmissiveDirty Talking and Massive OrgasmsThen look in the Resources Folder and use the Contact Page to ask me any questions ❤️

Step 0 - Begin Here

The very best place to start is to listen to the interview that I did with Australia's National Broadcaster, the ABC. It gives a great overview of who I am and what I'm about. You can find that Interview by clicking the button below, it's about 12 minutes and very good.

Step 1 - Stay Updated

This is a rough summary of process, the full length version is in the Resources Folder.Join the Telegram Channel to stay up to date by clicking here.(Optional) Join the Email List for New Content

Step 2 - Learn Effective Hypnotic Language

Buy the HLSS Cards
Click through the sales pages, ignore that. Get the cards. Watch the videos.
There are other decks for this purpose, these are the best. Just practicing this skill for even a few hours will rapidly improve your confidence. There are sex games using these in the Resources Folder.

Step 3 - Listen to Some Podcast Episodes

Over 50+ Podcast episodes covering kink, sexual dominance and submission, life design and erotic hypnosis.Notable Podcast Episodes:Female Orgasm – The 12 TypesHow to Train your SubmissiveDirty Talking and Massive OrgasmsHour Long Orgasms or "Orgasms are a State of Mind"How To Find Hypnokink Partners And Connect With ThemBDSM Contracts 2.0 - VERY IMPORTANTPoly – Effective Techniques for Dealing with Jealousy

Step 4 - Explore the Resources Folder

The Resources Folder contains:🥰 Multiple Free Workshops and Classes
🥰 All the Podcast Episode Notes
🥰 Dozens of Brainwashing Sessions
🥰 The Script Library
🥰 Multiple Reading Lists and Guides
🥰 Shorter Lessons on interesting topics
Be aware that older material may not reflect my current views.

Intermediate To Advanced

Step 5 - Join the Invite Only Group

To facilitate further skills development, I've created an invite-only group on Telegram with some unique features. Entry is open to everyone, however in order to join you must send me a piece of unique work that you have created. This is to prove that you can contribute, and not just suck up value and time.This content is them added to a central repository so that everyone else in that group can benefit. Conversations are strictly about core topics, and examples of real-life relationships are used frequently.To apply, send your original work to me using the Contact Details on the About Me page.

Current Class

D/s Relationship Design - Part 2

Good Relationships happen. Amazing relationships are designed.All my Classes are recorded and can be found in the Resources Folder - - Sunday the 19th of March, at 9 am New York Time, 1 pm London Time, 2 pm Berlin / Central European Time (CET), 12 Midnight Melbourne (Australia) Time.Add the Event to your Calendar - CLICK HEREHow to Access - All classes are presented on Telegram at this Channel - - and full recordings made available afterwards, along with all handouts, at the Resources Folder linked above. No need to show your face or be on video. You can change your name, hide your phone number - anonymity is preferred.Class Description - Good Relationships happen. Amazing relationships are DESIGNED. Carefully constructed on a foundation of strong mental health, mutual happiness, shared experiences and intention, and supported by effective models, working conflict resolution tools and crafted to provide deeper meaning and fulfilment. Life can be amazing, but it can be even more amazing when you share your adventure with the right person. I will present a simple, process driven structure that allows for the creation of intense, long lasting relationships of either a kink or vanilla nature.FAQIs this class free? Why is it free?
Yes, the class is free. No strings. I set this up to put some pressure on me to actually publish my work.
Will it be recorded?
Yes, my voice will be recorded (and no one else's) and the recording will be made available in the Resources Folder, along with printable handouts and outline. You won't miss anything if you don't attend in person.


Learn How to Enjoy Trance

I'm working on some recorded content on learning how to enjoy trance and to have those amazing and intense hypnotic experiences that you might have heard so much about.When thats finished, it will be linked here, and of course, found in the Resources Folder.

A Variety of Audio Content

In the Resources Folder, you'll find a wide variety of content to listen to.Hypnotic Sessions are intense, invasive and controlling sessions designed for deep, enjoyable brainwashing. Full scripts are availiable in the Folder (and also in the Scripts Library) and I highly recommend that you read them before listening, as well as read the content descriptions.Mantras are short, simple phrases designed to be looped while edging.Bedtime Stories are a fun side project of mine. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is to call someone up and read them a bedtime story, so I tracked down a number of obscure fairytales, and recorded them all with fun and happiness. They are not hypnotic, more designed to keep you company while you fall asleep.

About The Creator

This content is dedicated to all of the people I have loved, and will love ❤️

Want Coaching or Advice?

Don't know where to start, and want personal advice?Would you like to give your partner intense, intimate hypnotic experiences?You can basically call me (it's free btw) and I'll give you fifteen minutes of my time and you can ask me anything you like.I also offer paid, ongoing hypnokink relationship coaching, designed to help individuals and couples explore and deepen their intimate connections through the use of erotic hypnosis and kink.The goal is to help individuals and couples create powerful, fulfilling, and transformative relationships that encompass both intimacy and free exploration of themselves and each other without guilt or shame.Use the Contact Details below to connect, and be direct about wanting Coaching❤️

Collaborate With Me?

I often collaborate with other content creators, we each bring our own angle to the work and in the past, it's been a lot of fun. If you are interested in a collaboration of some kind, please use the contact details below to get in touch ❤️

Make Friends?

Probably the thing I enjoy the most from doing all of this are the incredible, wonderful people I've been fortunate enough to meet along the way. If you have a passion for this topic, are mentally healthy and minimal drama, then please use the contact details below to get in touch ❤️Seriously - I have friends all over the world, and I travel internationally, frequently and the real joy in doing this is meeting new and interesting people. So if you want to talk, I'm really not that scary.Also I am currently mastering German, so if you speak German and English and wouldn't mind helping me practice - please reach out 🙂

Date Me?

I'm currently seeking an amazing partner, and I can offer a lot. You'll find more details about what I can offer in a relationship, what I want from life, my goals and dreams, and my plans for the future in the Resources Folder.If you think we would be a good match, contact me and be direct about wanting to date.

Contact Me?

The best way to contact me is on Telegram by clicking here.Or I'm on Telegram at @aussieonthemoveYou can email me using the contact form below.I do receive a lot of correspondance, so it can sometimes take me over a week to reply. If you don't hear back in a few days, please resend your message 🙂If you are unsure about messaging me, I really enjoy hearing from fans.I'm not that scary.

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