This Project consists of a number of different componants.

How to Get The Resources Folder – Download every piece of my content from this link. The Resources Folder over 4 GB in size (I’ve experimented with distributing it as a torrent in the past, with little success getting it to work, so meh).

How to find ALL of my Content – This link  also if you are going to share it, this is the link that you should use.

The Newsletter, I use this to infrequently notify people about new content releases. 

The Podcast, the hugely popular podcast, where I share advice on Erotic Hypnosis, Sexual Brainwashing, Relationship Design, and creating intense, meaningful long-term connections.

Hypnotic Audio Files, invasive deep brainwashing recordings. They do include content descriptions but full transcripts are expensive, so I don’t have them yet. It is planned.

The Resources Folder, recommended Reading Lists, Technique Writeups, Case Studies, Resource Lists for Beginners through to Intermediate.

The Group Chat, an active and experienced community of Hypnotists and Subjects, where you can ask any question you like and share what you’ve done, and find new ideas and a feeling of belonging. I spend a lot of time here answering questions, so join in and have fun.

Skills Exchange, short on funds but still need educational content? Email me with what you want access to, and payment alternatives you might be interested in (transcription, web design, audio editing, marketing, etc).