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I produce content on intense Brainwashing, Relationships, Erotic Hypnosis and Life Design.

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What you are essentially seeing here is my attempts to understand, codify and present the topics covered. Information may be out of order, and more recent information supersedes previous content where appropriate. If you have questions, message me on Telegram ❤

Major Components

The Podcast

I created a podcast on super intense relationships, brainwashing, mental health and power transfer. GET IT HERE.

The Resources Folder

My podcast episodes, Handouts and also Case Studies, Templates, Booklists, Guides, Hypnotic Technique writeups, resources lists for beginners through to advanced. Every piece of content I make gets uploaded here, to make it easier for you to grab it all and go through it whenever. GET IT HERE. NOTE – it is over 3.5 GB in size.

Podcast – all the episodes as mp3’s, as well as written show notes and links

Some Notable Episodes:

Dirty Talking and Massive Orgasms
Female Orgasm – The 12 Types
Hour Long Orgasms or Orgasms are a State of Mind
Poly – Effective Techniques for Dealing with Jealousy
Kink Contracts 2.0
The Slavery Equation
Bracketing – A Highly Effective Brainwashing Protocol
and many, many more

Full Classes and Workshops

Train your Partner using Behavioural Modification and Erotic Hypnosis
Maximum Effect Scene Construction and Execution
Ds Relationship Design Part 1

Notable PDF’s

Several comprehensive Booklists for Doms, Subs, Hypnotists and Men
The After Sex Review
The Five Questions for Better Sex
The Book of Master
The Submissive Operators Manual

Hypnotic Sessions – over a dozen.

Brainwashing Mantras – around thirty of these.

Bedtime Stories – around thirty of these.

A number of shorter lessons on different topics.

A large number of free and useful resources gathered from Discord Servers, all in one place.

The Community

I created an active community of expereinced Hypnotists and Subjects on Telegram, where you can ask any question you like and share what you’ve done without fear of kinkshaming, and find new ideas, inspiration and a feeling of belonging. I spend a lot of time here answering questions, so join in and have fun. GET IT HERE.

The Newsletter

I use this to infrequently notify people about new content releases. GET IT HERE.