Upcoming Class – D/s Relationship Design – Part 1

If you can’t make it to a class, they are all recorded and can be found in the Resources Folder (link to that is HERE) so please don’t stress 🙂

You can find all of my content here, as well as my contact details – https://bio.link/mindkink

When – Sunday the 11th of November, at 7 am Houston, Texas, USA, 1 pm London Time, 2 pm Central European Time (CET), 12 Midnight Melbourne (Australia) Time. (Always double check times as some of them may be out by an hour, given Daylight Savings Timings)

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How to Access – All classes are presented on Telegram at this Channel – https://t.me/+HgSEgHDK3xs0NDg0 – and recordings made available afterwards, along with all handouts, at the Resources Folder linked above. Stay on the Telgram channel once the class is done, to stay up to date with new resources and for future classes. No need to show your face or be on video, feel free to sit back and do chores while I teach. You can change your name, hide your phone number – anonymity is preferred.

Class Description – Good Relationships happen. Amazing relationships are DESIGNED. Carefully constructed on a foundation of strong mental health, mutual happiness, shared experiences and intention, and suppported by effective models, working conflict resolution tools and crafted to provide deeper meaning and fufillment. Life can be amazing, but it can be even more amazing when you share your adventure with the right person. I will present a simple, process driven structure that allows for the creation of intense, long lasting relationships of either a kink or vanilla nature.


I couldn’t see a payment or booking link?
That’s because there isn’t one. This is a free workshop. That’s it. There’s no catch.

But why is it free?
I’m trialling a new format, in preparation for teaching other classes. Those may be free too, or priced to cover costs. It is a moral evil for someone to be denied the knowledge they need to improve themselves.

Will it be recorded?
Yes, my voice will be recorded (and no one else’s) and the recording will be made available in the Resources Folder, along with printable handouts and outline. You won’t miss anything if you don’t attend in person – I have many criticisms of the EH community in locking educational materials behind needing to travel halfway across the world to sit in a room at a particular time.

Many. Many. Many. Criticisms.

Planned Future Classes

In addition I have several additional classes planned:

Effectively Learning Erotic Hypnosis – Beginner to Advanced Intermediate (4 Weeks)

Brainwashing and Conditioning for Intense, Long Term Changes

Identity Restucturing
Mastering Phone Sex
Intense Long Distance Ds
General Sexual Skills (4 Weeks)
Creating a useful and genuinely pleasing Submissive (4 Weeks)
Finding High Quality Partners
Constructing the Ideal Dominant
Effectively Handling Jealousy

Possible other topics:

Effective Modals of Poly Relationship Design and Troubleshooting
Use of Hypnosis and Conditioning in Relationships
Advanced Gaslighting
Combining Hypnosis and Rope for Maximum Effect
Permanent Personality and Behaviour Modification
Realities of living in a Half-Open Multiple Slavegirl Household

I have taught a variety of classes on how to combine drugs and long-term brainwashing, invasive brainwashing techniques, identity and sexuality restructuring, rope and hypnosis, and accepting your sexually dominant or submissive nature. I plan to teach many more in the future, so suggestions are welcome.

Past Classes

Maximum Intensity Scene Construction and Execution

Train Your Partner Using Behavioural Modification and Erotic Hypnosis

Another, older class I taught on how to run your own Basic Hypnosis Workshop

– All previously taught Classes can easily be downloaded for free From the Resources Folder.