Scene Construction and Execution

Scene Construction and Execution is an essential skill in building intense, deeply connective and meaningful relationships. I will present a simple template for radical structural improvements to standard scene design processes, with the intention of simplifying creating intense scenes, dealing with potential issues, and maximising intensity and emotional impact.

In addition I have several additional workshops planned:

Effectively Learning Erotic Hypnosis – Beginner to Advanced Intermediate (4 Weeks)

Intense Long Distance Ds
Relationship Design (4 Weeks)
General Sexual Skills (4 Weeks)
Creating a useful and genuinely pleasing Submissive (4 Weeks)
Finding High Quality Partners
Constructing the Ideal Dominant
Effectively Handling Jealousy

Possible other topics:

Effective Modals of Poly Relationship Design and Troubleshooting
Use of Hypnosis and Conditioning in Relationships
Combining Hypnosis and Rope for Maximum Effect
Permanent Personality and Behaviour Modification
Realities of living in a Half-Open Multiple Slavegirl Household

You can find all of my content here, as well as my contact details –


Sunday the 27th of November, at 7 am Houston, Texas, USA, 1 pm London Time, 2 pm Central European Time (CET), 12 Midnight Melbourne (Australia) Time. (Always double check times)

Link for adding it to your Calendar –

How to Access

As this is a trial run for a series of classes I plan to teach, I’m planning to run the whole thing through a Telegram Chat.

Join the channel here –

Click the link above to join the Telegram Channel. 15 minutes before the event, just tune in. No need to show your face or be on video, feel free to sit back and do chores while I teach. You can change your name, hide your phone number – anonymity is preferred. I’ll put a link in the channel to where you can (anonymously) download the handouts and once the class is done, I’ll place the recording in the Resources Folder.

I may arrange a Zoom option as a backup, if I do this listing will be updated.

If anyone has any advice on how this could be improved, or if the links don’t work, find me on Telegram at @aussieonthemove and if I use it, I will credit you.


I couldn’t see a payment or booking link?
That’s because there isn’t one. This is a free workshop. That’s it. There’s no catch.

But why is it free?
I’m trialling a new format, in preparation for teaching other classes. Those may be free too, or priced to cover costs. It is a moral evil for someone to be denied the knowledge they need to improve themselves.

Will it be recorded?
Yes, my voice will be recorded (and no one else’s) and the recording will be made available in the Resources Folder, along with printable handouts and outline. You won’t miss anything if you don’t attend in person – I have many criticisms of the EH community in locking educational materials behind needing to travel halfway across the world to sit in a room at a particular time.

Many. Many. Many. Criticisms.

Past Classes – All previously taught Classes can easily be downloaded for free From the Resources Folder.

Currently you can download “Train Your Partner Using Behavioural Modification and Erotic Hypnosis” as well as an older class I taught on how to run your own basic hypnosis workshop.

I have taught a variety of classes on how to combine drugs and long-term brainwashing, rope and hypnosis, invasive brainwashing techniques, identity and sexuality restructuring, and accepting your sexually dominant or submissive nature. I plan to teach many more in the future, so suggestions are welcome 🙂